End Standard Time Petition. 

This is a petition that has existed for so long. However, people always want to end this thing of standard time. People always wonder why is there a need to alter with the normal day as planned by God. People just want to live normally to continue with their daily activities normally. There are so many reasons which people usually give out as to why to end the daylight saving time. The enddaylightsavingtime.org is said to have been put in place to save energy and fuel, but things seem to have changed over the years. People even tend to use more fuel during summer with things such air conditioners. The things why this petition should be ended are discussed below.
People tend to say that their normal daily activities are disrupted, and this brings about the confusion on what to do during the day. People are affected since the norm is altered with and it is tough for human beings to adjust to time. Workers are said to have injuries and get to risk during the working time. The accidents that happen at workplace end up causing problems even in the economic sector of the country. The other things are that the standard time does not take place in the whole world and so it is not fair to everybody, and people want to live a life where we all have the same hours to make the best out of our lives. Apart from affecting a lot of jobs the standard time also had adverse effects on students. There have been done research and noticed that those in school tend to have poor grades at that time which is not a good thing. The school program is affected, and thus student is not in a position to have proper studying time.
To learn more about the end daylight savings time petition you are supposed to visit various websites on the internet which have intensely discussed this issue. You will be able to have more information about it. Apart from that, there are some websites where you will even get to see the views of the people concerning the issue. That means that you will see the reaction and understand other limits caused by standard time. Also in some sites, you can be able to share your views by leaving your comment in the comment section as the rest people have done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time

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